Starting your own Lilith Circle is easy! This guide will provide everything you need to take you and a group of friends deeper into the process of reclaiming Lilith and reclaiming yourselves. In addition to the free curriculum below, we are offering complimentary copies of both My Name is Lilith and Original Resistance to facilitators ordering 10 or more copies of Original Resistance. Link here!

We are making the entire guide—all nine sessions—completely free for the book’s launch window. Our hope is that groups will use the guide and let us know what worked well and what didn’t. We plan to publish a Lilith Circle Guide in 2020, but please take advantage of this fabulous free resource now and report back on your experience with it.

This small group guide is designed to help women communally process the archetypal awakenings they may experience while reading Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves. Through reading aloud, journaling and sharing, women will create a safe place to explore the implications of adapting a new paradigm of femininity inspired by Lilith.

Note: This study is divided into three parts—Rediscovering Lilith; Reclaiming Lilith; and Reclaiming Ourselves. Each part includes three sessions. Click on the images below to access each sessions curriculum guide. And, facilitators, don’t skip the Facilitator Welcome which has all the information you’ll need to structure a group that works for you!