Session 1: WHO IS LILITH?


Leader: Discusses impetus for starting the group & vision for it. Finish with your personal introduction.

Participants: Introduce themselves focusing on “being” rather than “doing” descriptors, including their passions and reasons for interest in the group. Set time limit to help keep the session on track (3 minutes +/- depending on group size and session length).

INTRODUCTORY READING: My Name is Lilith by Monette Chilson & Arna Baartz

This gorgeously illustrated picture book on Lilith is FREE with your group’s purchase of 10+ copies of Original Resistance. This book, written for children but inspiring to all, can be read in less than 15 minutes, and will introduce your group to Lilith via story and imagery

INVOCATION (open your time together using a sound element—singing bowl, chant, drum, etc.)

OPENING CIRCLE (sit in silence for one minute, palms touching each other’s)


“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, together women ought to be able to turn it rightsize up again.” -Sojourner Truth 


This is your group’s jumping off point, where you establish an understanding of who Lilith was and is, in a historical, theological and cultural sense. Members of your group will likely have varying levels of familiarity with Lilith and divergent ideas about her. This session will help level the playing field and allow you all to build a foundation for the work to come. 

SUGGESTED READINGS (go around the circle, allowing all participants a chance to read)

Note: These pieces where chosen because they speak to the question, “Who is Lilith?” Participants may read the piece in its entirety (if short) or an excerpt (if longer). The reader can select the passage(s) if excerpting. For images, pass the book around, giving all a chance to soak it in. If time/resources exist, you may also project the image on the screen, making sure you credit the artist.

Foreword—My College Roommate (by Priscilla Warner), p. 1

The Song of Lilith by Liliana Kleiner, Ph.D. (p. 14) + images (pp. 12 & 18)

Dare to Say Her Name by Susan Morgaine (p. 23)

Hear Lilith by Patricia Campagna (p. 48)

Lilith I Am (p. 111) + The Coming of Lilith (image) by Arlene Bailey (p. 112)

The Forgotten First Woman (image) by Arna Baartz (p. 145)

Lilith—Sacred Sovereignty of the Womanspirit by Nuit Moore (p. 146)


Who is Lilith? Write about your experience with Lilith prior to this group.

JOURNALING TIME (15-20 minutes of silence to write on the prompt)

CIRCLE SHARING (optional, not mandatory; can set a time limit if desired)

CLOSING CIRCLE (sit in silence for one minute, palms touching each other’s)


I Am Lilith (C. Ara Campbell) p. 198